Something happened to me when I turned 32 a few years ago- Out of nowhere I became ultimately concerned with my overall health which lead me to take a glance at my younger years. I found myself questioning things like: Have I protected my skin appropriately from the suns UV rays by using the correct SPF? Have I eaten healthy enough & exercised as i should? Do I use the right skincare products for my face and body to preserve a youthful look & healthy glow? As a mother of three children, I stay so busy sometimes and I just don’t have the time for myself like I used to. As women it’s important and vital to our mental health to take time out for ourselves (for our sanity…lol). We need to remember that we are important too!! I love to find great tips on skincare!

Here are some great summertime skincare tips!How to Transition Your Skin Care Routine for Summer


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