A 4 yr old child’s dream holds a true meaning of inspiration & hope

One of my friends shared a post about herself the other day that seemed to touch my heart in a certain kind of way- it is the kind of post that one feels the need to share so I want to share it with you all because I think you will feel the same way when you read it too. The significance of the meaning behind her story is what makes it so great!! It is truly inspiring & I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!!
Her Story:
I’ve always found certain dreams to hold meaning or relations to your current or future situations. I lost my job two days ago and I’ve been extremely depressed about it. My four year old cousin came to me and demanded my attention. His speech isn’t the best but he told me that he had to tell me about a dream he had. He continued to tell me I was driving my car and I ran off the road into a body of water and as my car sank deeper and deeper it finally landed. As it landed he said rocks continued to fall on top of my car making it flatter and flatter with me still inside. He said then one big rock landed on my car and crushed it completely and the little head lights on my car slowly went out, but then a bright light came and heard me yelling help from inside the car and he said BAM you were out of the car and safe again. 
It may hold no significance to anyone else and he may only be four and it may just be a dream. For me it was a reminder that even when I feel like I’ve sank as low as I can possibly go with the weight of a million rocks on me to the point I feel crushed.. it’s going to be okay. The light will come eventually.


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