About Me & Why I Started This Blog!

This is my first blog so please bear with me while I learn as I go- I promise you it’ll be worth it!! I am mother blogging about my every day amazing life with my three wonderful, precious, cute, and often very funny children! I have 2 daughters ages 14 & 7 and a son that is 4. My son is extremely hyper so it’s more like having 2 sons really! My husband and children are my life! No matter whether you’re a mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandparent, teacher, or neighbor, etc; we all know how amusing children can be SO, I decided to start documenting my all so amusing and often hilarious moments from my children and our daily lives and share them with you all  by starting this blog! This is a REAL blog so there will be very real and truthful moments in it which may shock people from time to time because – no matter how good you raise your children to be , kids will be kids and what better way to spend my time and effort than documenting what I love most in life My Children! I hope you all find it as entertaining as I do! Enjoy!


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